26 March 2012

Saturday May 25th, Brescia University College

I will be selling and signing books at an exciting event called Nia Palooza. Come and say hello.

25 March 2012

Exciting news!

Mr. Otagiri’s Promise is now available for purchase on line at friesenpress.com I hope you enjoy reading and sharing this book as much as I have writing it.
Thank you for your support and encouragement.
I will keep you posted about future book signing events.

24 March 2012

New Book for release in 2013

I wrote this story for the coming birth of my next grandchild.
Children inspire me to see the world through their lenses, the way Mr. Rogers did, deep and simple.

Rayshen’s Secrets

Rayshen’s Secrets is a beautiful, flowing, nature- based story. It tells the tale of a young woman’s journey to understand the power and the purpose of her secrets.
Where are her secrets kept? How does she know when it is time to let them go? Where does she send them?
In a blue metal boat she bravely leaves her island and travels to the land of in between.
Along the way a wise council of whales speak with her. They help Rayshen to understand the reasons for her journey and the questions she came to ask. They help her let her secrets go.


26 Mar 2012,Book Released.


“Eyes they say are the windows to the soul. Words I say are the wings of the heart”

Deborah Roberts
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