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Every child must make the journey into discovery of self. Stories give searching hearts wings to fly and curious minds pathways to follow.

For Lachlan, Evan and Isla,

Love Nans


Mr. Otagiri's Promise is an elegant exploration of the transitions required when moving forward through life's dark and difficult moments. Whether it is the challenges of war, bullying, loss of a loved-one, illness, or profound sadness, this poetic story initiates a place of hopeful conversation.

In keeping with Deborah Robert's advocacy for fostering children's natural appreciation of art and literature, Mr. Otagiri's Promise supports and celebrates the seeking-spirit, curious-mind and unlimited imagination.

Title: Mr. Otagiri’s Promise
Author: Deborah Roberts
Illustrators: Joy Ju-Young Im and Linda Da-Young Im
ISBN: 9781770677197
Release Date: Coming Soon
Price: $12.99

"Secrets are like stars. They blaze inside the heart and ultimately could be explosive. With time and space they lose their importance and simply vanish."
~ Jennifer Jabeley

Rayshen's Secrets is a gently flowing nature-based story. It is a tale of a young girl who in a blue tin boat rows across an ocean to the Land Of In Between.
Under an ancient white willow tree sits a red wooden box containing her secrets and her prayers.

On the journey Rayshen encounters a council of wise whales and asks them a question. Being sage souls the whales help her understand why she has travelled such a long way to discover where her secrets belong and what to do with them.


Imagine flying on the back of white winged horse into a dark, starry night to meet a kind wizard who helps you discover who you are and why you were born.

The Blue Eyed Boy tells the story of a young boy who doubting himself, his courage and his purpose embarks upon an exciting quest of self-discovery. His journey leads to many magical moments, a few frightening fancies and finally to the discovery of himself and the truth of who he has always been.

This poetic story is a gentle coming of age tale told in musical rhyme.

Once Upon Another Time
“ There are no rules of architecture for a castle in the sky.” G.K. Chesterton

Locked away from myself, struggling to adapt to a world I didn’t fit in to, I developed an alternative reality. I created a beautiful, kind-hearted mother, a brave and generous father, grand old grandparents, magical aunts and Merlin like uncles. They all loved me and understood my ways. They were poets and singers and magic makers, communed with nature, the fairy world and talked to animals. They danced freely, laughed loudly, and swam in the moonlight, loved dragonflies and hummingbirds. In the spring and summer we lived in a cottage on a cliff overlooking the sea. When the leaves changed colour we moved to a castle high upon a mountaintop. They were kind and gentle and never in anger raised their voices. They employed a happy housemaid named Molly a stable man called David and a Catholic cook called Kate. Around her neck she wore a small silver cross, which she often kissed. She made me want to be a missionary in Africa and teach little children how to read.


We were all part of a glowing family. We grew vegetables and morning glories, gathered eggs and welcomed animals to run wild in the meadows. We picked apples and berries and made pies which we ate hot, out of the oven. Every week we went visiting to hear people’s stories and to tell them ours. Some stories were sad but most had happiness somewhere in them.

My grandparents lay with me under the great cool branches of the willow tree and made up enchanting stories from the inside of their heads. In the evenings, we watched the sun leaving the sky. As the stars began to appear they would say, “There my dearest dear heart, there are the stars from which we are born and make our deepest wishes come true. Never forget you are starlight and sparkle.”

“When I have a terrible need of shall I say the word, religion? I go out and paint the stars.” Vincent van Gough

“In the spring and summer we lived in a cottage on a cliff overlooking the sea. When the leaves changed colour we moved to a castle high upon a mountaintop”
The take away child
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