In kindergarten at Orchard Park Public School, before story time began, Mrs. Buckley would ask: “Do you want a story from the inside of my head or from the inside of a book?” I would always enthusiastically reply, “From the inside of your head please”. Thus began a life-long quest to listen to other people’s stories and to share with them mine. More...

When people speak from memory and imagination, there is created an empathetic, emotional, connection. When we tell our stories the universality of the human condition becomes apparent and transparent.

Eye to eye contact of course, plays a major role in accomplishing these factors. Eyes they say are the windows to the soul. Words I say are the wings of the heart.

At a young age, writing poems and songs became a private means for me to understand my feelings and myself. Writing created a doorway to my internal landscape and an opening from which to bring my discoveries to light. More...

I would become aware it was time to write when the words ”something’s brewing” kept repeating in my head. With pen and paper I would sit down and write the first line. Sometimes I had a specific feeling or thought. Many times I did not and was usually surprised by where I ended up.

Writing is about something larger then myself. It is a gateway to the creative force and spiritual energies of this vast and magical universe. I never feel alone when I’m writing.
On the day my first grandson Lachlan was born there was a gathering of storm clouds. After being witness to his beautiful birth and leaving the hospital to enter the outside world of winds and coming rain, I knew I would be writing him a book.

It was as if the storm clouds and the gathering ions were sending me this message. I went to the car and began writing. “Lachlan was born on the gathering of the storm. From the winds of the sea and the tears of his ancestry, the wee boy was as calm as calm could be”. These words I believe shall one day become a Celtic chant.

I had no knowledge that three years later the idea for his book would arrive and from what source it would be birthed. As I followed the stepping-stones along this pathway, they lead me to the creation of Mr. Otagiri’s Promise.

This is my way of seeing a world filled with symbols and messages. Of honouring them by living a life filled with colourful faith and sparkling hope and the more challenging practice of patience. If we follow our signs they lead us to exciting new adventures and deeper understandings.
When my friends and I discussed the possibilities for our futures my childhood dream remained the same. I wanted to become a mother, to have my blood running to the hearts of my own children. Being blessed with the births of two gifted and beautiful daughters the fulfillment of my long held wish came to life.

Throughout the years of watching them grow and evolve, to understand the world they live within has been my greatest pleasure and wonder-filled accomplishment. If you were to ask what I believe my life’s purpose is, I would without doubt answer, it is to be Dana and Natasha’s mother and Lachlan and Evan’s nans. I write for them. I write to leave my stories and my legacy. I write to honour a gift given to me.


NAME: Deborah Roberts
BIRTH DATE: June 22nd, 1954
PLACE OF BIRTH: Ontario,Canada
EDUCATION: Combined Music/English literature B.A. , University of Western Ontario

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