My name is Deborah Roberts. Listening to people’s stories and sharing mine has been a lifelong quest.

I am excited and honoured to share with you my newest book. Mr. Otagiri’s Promise is a stirring, universal story. It speaks of a hopeful quest, a father’s unwavering love, and a family’s re-awakened joy. This story is illustrated with beautiful, powerful, imagery and told with hopeful, positive, sentiment. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Wishing you many shared stories,
Deborah Roberts.

26 Mar
Visit me at Nia Palooza. Book signing @ Brescia on May 25th.
25 Mar
Mr. Otagiri’s Promise is now available for purchase on line at friesenpress.com
24 Mar
New book (written for my future grandchild) coming in 2013.
Deborah Roberts sophisticated, poetic writing style is rarely found in children's books. In both narrative and visual terms, her books aspire to recognize, respect and nurture the natural, wisdom she feels children inherently possess.

Her elevated style invites and encourages children to expand and explore their world. Her books inspire an arena for meaningful and poignant dialogue to occur.

"Children have an innate ability to delve deeply into their literary and artistic experiences. Deborah Roberts write in a way that honours, celebrates and encourages those gifts. Her work is inspired by a respectful consideration of children's sensitive hearts and willing minds. This is the philosophy of Respecting the Reader."

Whether it is the loss of loved ones, bullying at school or the fear of what is happening in the world around them, Deborah's books offer a place for children to find comfort and hope – a place to find the answers they are seeking inside of themselves.

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‘It is wonderful to see Deborahs beautiful, poignant story come to life with the extraordinary illustrations by the Im sisters. Mr. Otagiri’s Promise is an amazing book visually and spiritually that will leave the reader –be it child or adult– full of hope and joy.’
Trish Colter
‘Mr. Otagiri’s Promise is a delightful, charming and very moving children’s book and cd. The illustrations are gloriously rainbow-coloured and the cd a dear, soaring reflection of the text.’
Penn Kemp
Author & Poet
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